About Us

Our Mission

We investigate the efficacy of teaching and learning practices and make our findings public, particularly through non-traditional forms of dissemination. 

With a multitude of teaching methods and techniques to choose from, identifying the one that would be most effective in a particular learning environment (e.g., face-to-face, blended, fully online) is difficult. Instructors (e.g., educators, facilitators, and trainers) don’t always have the time and resources to research which instructional practices would be most effective in their teaching/training context. On the flip side, learners don’t always know what study methods are most effective for their own learning. This is where our organization, Teaching and Learning Research (TLR) In Action, comes in to both conduct research on effective instructional and learning practices and to help unpack the results of this research to make it more accessible to the public.

We are an incorporated not-for-profit organization, and our mission is to support and promote effective, evidence-based pedagogical practices. To this aim, we investigate effective instructional and learning practices and we disseminate our findings through academic and popular public platforms. We believe that education should be universally accessible and inclusive, and that pedagogical practices should be founded on evidence.

Our Core Team

We believe in implementing pedagogies that effectively lead learners to better achieve their goals.

We come with diverse interests and areas of expertise, and collectively our interests span cognitive learning strategies, digital pedagogies, decolonizing the curriculum, student partnerships/co-creation of teaching and learning, student engagement, transformative learning, and experiential education. Adding to the wide range of perspectives that we bring to the table, the members of our team are also in different stages of their careers; whereas some members of our team are in the process of completing their studies, others have completed their PhDs and have over a decade of experience teaching or supporting faculty in higher education. What brings us all together is our mission – investigating the efficacy of teaching practices and making our findings public, particularly through non-traditional forms of dissemination.

Alice Kim, PhD

Managing Director, Senior Researcher

Chia-lin Chang (Lance), PhD

Senior Researcher

Jennifer Lasenby-Lessard, PhD​

Senior Researcher

Brad Jennings

Senior Researcher

Kirolles Mohareb

Director of Marketing and Community Outreach

Emily Tolomei

Community Outreach Coordinator