Homework Offers an Opportunity to Provide Feedback

Action Card - Homework


We investigated whether students’ homework and in-class assignment grades could be used to predict their test and cumulative exam performance


Students’ homework grades were predictive of both their test and exam performance.
Students’ in-class assignments grades were predictive of their test performance but not their performance on the final (cumulative) exam.

Students’ Actions

Review the feedback that you received -this is a great opportunity to improve your learning!

Make sure you understand the feedback you received and ask for clarification whenever necessary (e.g., do you know what you need to do to improve?).

Take time to process and reflect on the feedback that you received. Don’t let a knee-jerk reaction dictate how you respond and what you do with the feedback that you received. Don’t take it personally, use it to improve!

Put the feedback into action! Incorporating feedback means that something has to change (e.g., your work, study habits, framing and perspectives, etc.).

Educators Actions

Make sure you provide feedback to students in a timely manner so that they have enough time to act on it before the next assessment.

Provide feedback that is detailed and relevant to how students can improve(e.g., think about whether you would find your own feedback helpful).

Be clear and supportive in how you communicate your feedback (e.g., provide a grade breakdown and comments to explain how they can improve). 

Provide clarification and elaboration whenever requested and possible.

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